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there is always an apple at the start of our problems (the scenic route – pt. 3)

He closed his notebook, gulped down the last of his now-cold-coffee and made his way home. His walk home took him down an old street of semi-detached homes. He couldn’t help but glance inside one of the houses. Through a window he saw a man sitting on a recliner, watching television. In the next window […]

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An impossible perspective on life (the scenic route -pt.2)

The talk with his older friend left him with an uneasy feeling. The problem he was facing was one of identity. Working the same job, living in a condo building, being connected on the same sites, talking on the same phone and living the same way as so many others was not the sort of […]

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It was a perfectly logical explanation, and that was the problem with it (the scenic route – pt.1)

The two of them had been driving together for nearly a day and in that amount of time it’s hard to keep the conversation entirely at the surface. As they passed farm houses and trailer parks, “international” airports and state lines, the two beganĀ delving deeper into more personal, existential questions. The one older friend began […]

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