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Competitive Running: a woman’s perspective VIDEO

Last Friday I had the privilege of filming three of Canada’s top female runners: Sheila Reid, Megan Brown and Kate Van Buskirk. I put together this short 5 minute film to profile their perspective on running as well as give advice to those who are weary about chasing their dream. Enjoy and make sure to […]

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The Retired, The Runner, The Religious

** Scroll to the bottom to see the recently added Video (January 17) ** On Saturday I drove with Sami and Rejean to Naples – the town of The Retired. Sami and Rejean were entered in the Naples Half-Marathon and since my training is currently “casual” I tagged along. While at the pasta dinner Saturday […]

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Orange Road

Orange Land

22 hours. Google Maps said it would take 23. Plus we had a 40 minute wait at the boarder when he said, You’re spending an awful lot of time in the United States son. I wasn’t sure how to respond. You have such nice… … weather! We’d have to cut one of our stops if […]

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you can’t let the fear of hiccups keep you from laughing!

After they finished their workout, we went down the road for some warm meat and cold beer: a pleasant flashback of my 3-4 visits (per week) to the W Burger Bar at Yonge and College! Last night, however, I was cold. Very cold. Drinking cold beer when you can’t feel your hands has never made […]

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I’m standing in front of a wall

Sometimes it feels like I’m standing in front of a wall. I planned on running the 10 kilometre Leeds Abbey Dash in order to test my fitness and see what sort of harvest I have produced over the last 12 weeks. The race was at 9:30am so I was up by 6am. My stomach was […]

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