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Out for Coffee

your relationships matter

This is the last of the four categories I use when writing down my annual goals. The other three? Body     Mind     Soul You need to tend to all four categories, I hope that has become obvious. Generally in each of our lives, depending on what stage of life we’re in, one category will be given […]

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your bedroom

The cultural environment where you live is as important as the food you eat and the air you breathe. Position yourself in a living situation that will allow you to thrive. Take for instance, the bedroom. The most expensive thing in my bedroom is my bed. Working out is an important part of my life […]

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#24, the pursuit of misery

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#15 –> you’re visiting a foreign land

In light of what was just said, doubting needs to be seen as something meaningful. Don’t get so freaked out when you start questioning something. Get freaked out when you start questioning everything!  When you start questioning everything and everyone it’s time to ask yourself the big questions: what am I doing? Who am I? […]

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#13 the evolution of individualism

I was driving with a friend and we were headed north. We started off talking about things and people. Then we talked about different events. Before long we were sharing ideas. People -> Events -> Ideas … a good progression to follow. To jump into this post I’m going to use one of her ideas […]

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