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fractured, torn, infected, hopeful

BAD NEWS apparently comes in 3s. After 8 months without any answers, I finally got some big news yesterday. I’ve been hoping for this prison sentence to end or if not end, at least know how much longer I need to serve! Not knowing is very difficult. The doctor told my coach that I’m a […]

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The Glory of Youth

the glory of youths

As I was working through my second workout yesterday  an older friend came up to me and said something. I took the earbuds out and gasped, “what’s that?” He said, The glory of youth! As he walked away I put my head down and rode just a little harder for the next 35 minutes. For […]

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Running on the Guelph Country Roads

your physical body

At the start of a new year my brothers and I outline our goals in the following categories: physical, mental, spiritual, relational. Once we pick one or two specific goals that we want to achieve in each category, we make a plan, an outline, a roadmap on how we are going to reach them by […]

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you can’t let the fear of hiccups keep you from laughing!

After they finished their workout, we went down the road for some warm meat and cold beer: a pleasant flashback of my 3-4 visits (per week) to the W Burger Bar at Yonge and College! Last night, however, I was cold. Very cold. Drinking cold beer when you can’t feel your hands has never made […]

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I’m standing in front of a wall

Sometimes it feels like I’m standing in front of a wall. I planned on running the 10 kilometre Leeds Abbey Dash in order to test my fitness and see what sort of harvest I have produced over the last 12 weeks. The race was at 9:30am so I was up by 6am. My stomach was […]

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