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Pull out your crystal ball

Even though I still have another few dozen beers to try, another 2 books by Kierkegaard to read, and over 1000 kilometers to run, I’m starting to look at what is to come. Basically, I’m trying to figure out where to go next. I usually don’t like to look forward into the future: that usually […]

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the sun wasn’t out, but the guns came out

It began as a relaxed day up on Prod Lane. After some eggs, toast and tea I spent the early morning reading some of Nietzsche’s later works. The more I read him, the more I know that he would be disappointed with the lack honesty and reflectiveness of atheists like Dawkin’s, Hitchen’s, Harris and others. […]

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22 in the rain, I’ll be eating all day…

I shouldn’t have expected the rain to stop. After all, this isn’t Canada. In England, it rains with a purpose… I woke-up at 8 am, had my two pieces of toast and coffee and sat at the table in my running clothes, looking out into the garden as the rain turned everything a deeper shade […]

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