light like snow

I’m starting to make Americanos instead. A shot of espresso + hot water + some milk. Combine that with the morning mix on CBC Radio2 and I’m ready to run, read, write, create, sell shirts.

Because of a fairly serious injury, I’ve been forced to take some time off of running. I’m actually spending more time training now than when I was healthy, but mentally it has been a bit of a break. I’m trying to use this time to create a few things before I move to Florida and concentrate my efforts on running and writing.

So, with my americano and cereal, I headed into my room and began drawing out some ideas for a song. I got to it and after several hours of writing, recording, mixing and listening, I finished a little Christmas song I called, “Light like snow”. I particularly enjoy the second half of the song; I have to thank my roommate Duncan who helped me with the melody in the second half.

I’ll be using this song as the soundtrack for a video I’m putting together at the end of this week.

I’d love for you to take a listen and let me know what you think.


Here’s a few pictures of some of the equipment I used for this track. Everything was recorded digitally.

Click to enlarge.



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