NASA, we’re coming home

You would be pretty excited too if NASA called you out of the blue and asked if you would move to Florida for 3 months to train for a special space mission. They were vague in their description of the mission, but there was no way I was about to say no.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Canada and I love Canadian winters. Usually by January 2nd, however, I’m ready for Spring/Summer. NASA informed me that I have to be in Florida on January 5th so the dates work out pretty well.

I’ve always dreamt of going into outer space, but going into space seems like a fine first step.

I just received my training itinerary for the first month and to be honest I am a little surprised. It looks like the first month is going to be a fairly rigorous program, designed to prepare me physically and mentally. The days basically consist of a whole lot of running, reading, writing, running, reading, writing, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping.

I’m fortunate in that I enjoy doing all those things.

I expect the anti-gravity training will come in Month Two.

Until I leave, I’m going to spend the bulk of December preparing myself to handle The Routine.

This is the best place to follow the journey. I’ll be detailing the entire adventure.

Preparing for take-off,


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One Comment on “NASA, we’re coming home”

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