#25. we won’t fade into darkness

This is my 15th attempt at writing the final post. No joke. I have 14 drafts that are labelled “Final 1”, “Final 2”, etc…

I went walking on the beach today hoping that
1) My nonna was right about the salt water helping my foot, which has been injured now for 10 months.
2) I would gain clarity on this final post.

I think I need a few more weeks of standing in the Dead Sea until my foot is healed but I think #2 was answered. The problem is that I’ve been trying to close the door on this project too quickly. If you’ve been reading along I’m sure you found it slow going the first 15 posts and then a bit rushed. I feel rushed. I’m trying to push a lot of thoughts into these final few posts.

The door isn’t ready to be closed. In fact I think I’ve just opened it. The more I travel around this continent and talk to people around picnic tables, in classrooms, in bars, in gas stations and on airplanes I see that this idea of grounding yourself by committing yourself in one thing is the only way any of us will ever find the hope we need.

And so consider these 25 posts the preface. I’ll be back November 20th with a completely new site and the same broken, borrowed and blind ideas. I’m excited about it! I have a lot of people helping me with the project and I think it’s going to help bring a different feel.

Until then.

Hold on tighter and trust a little longer. Focus on that single commitment you have made and see it through to the end.

“We won’t fade into darkness.”

And to those that refuse to pick one thing and aren’t holding on to any one thing…

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One Comment on “#25. we won’t fade into darkness”

  1. estolte
    October 30, 2011 at 8:56 pm #

    Will look forward to your next site!

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