#15 –> you’re visiting a foreign land

In light of what was just said, doubting needs to be seen as something meaningful. Don’t get so freaked out when you start questioning something. Get freaked out when you start questioning everything!  When you start questioning everything and everyone it’s time to ask yourself the big questions: what am I doing? Who am I?

But if it’s the one thing that has had held the most important and certain role in your life, the thing that gives you your identity, the thing you can’t go a day without; if you start doubting and questioning that, then rest assured knowing you’ve finally found your ground!

Doubt roots itself in certain ground.

Doubt is not an experience that releases you from what you love and what you know, it is an experience where you are gripped even tighter by the very thing that brings you meaning and certainty.

This isn’t to say that you start your relationship with doubt. You can’t enter a new game with doubt.

All new relationships and all new games need to start with trust. You need to trust that it works. You need to give it the benefit of the doubt.

If you’re humble and willing to make it work then you have to give it everything, there’s no other way.

Only time will tell…

You can’t look for it. You can’t desire it. It can’t exist at the beginning. It will evolve in time.

Doubt surfaces out of the old, out of the deep and out of the familiar.

You can’t doubt and question the New.

New things are like foreign land and you have to realize that you are a visitor on foreign soil. You’re a tourist. You can take pictures and ask tourist-type questions but you can’t go further than that.

You must start by taking in the sites and sounds around you. Once you learn how the land works you can then start participating and eventually, after years of repetition, you will find yourself in a place of certainty and conviction.

But until you become a citizen of the land, until you get your citizenship, until you understand the intricacies of the people and the process, you can’t doubt and question the culture and value and traditions of the land.

But what happens when you do face doubt? What are you to do? Where are you to go? Are you going to run in a different direction? Are you going to flee from our home?

Until tomorrow.

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