#14! doubting reveals certainty

Doubt reveals some thing. It doesn’t reveal just anything. It reveals something specific. One thing.

A promising young writer, Peter Rollins, says

Imagine you’re in a bar waiting for a loved one. You are sitting there and your loved one is late. She isn’t in the bar and you begin to worry and feel slightly discouraged. Interestingly, she is “late” and absent from everyone in the bar, but you are the only person who feels her absence.


No one else in the bar is expecting her. No one else in the bar has made a commitment to meet up with her. Because no one knows her no one in the bar has the ability to doubt or question her whereabouts.

No one except the guy who knows her and is expecting her. 

The lover in the bar has a connection with his beloved. It is an intimate connection. It is based on his commitment and experience with her. He has a subjective experience; a subjective certainty. It’s not mediated through anyone else. It’s experienced directly with her.

He knows her.

He knows that she is suppose to meet him.

But most importantly, he knows that she isn’t there. It means something to him. Even if he were to tell the bartender that he was waiting for someone, the bartender would be incapable of entering into the feeling of absence that he is experiencing.

He is certain of her absence only because he is certain of her presence.

You cannot doubt that which you do not know. You cannot call into question those things you have not desired, committed to, learnt and loved.

The doubt in your life proves that there is some form of commitment in your life.

You may feel like you are “doubting” everything! It should now become clear that in reality you can’t doubt everything. You can only doubt one thing. You can only doubt the ground you stand on. You cannot be groundless in your doubt.

You know that you are still struggling to make a choice!

You appear to be grasping many things but you aren’t even grasping one thing. You’re doubting your job, your girlfriend, your hobby and your living situation. You have yet to be single-minded. When your identity is in many things it ends up being in nothing. If this isn’t clear go back and read posts 1-13.

Doubt reveals certainty. It reveals that thing you have chosen. Many of you liked this analogy I used when I talked to you in person so here it is again

Wind is to fire, like absence/doubt is to love/commitment. When it is a small fire (a small form of love and not a real commitment) the wind will blow it out. But if it is a big fire the wind will intensify it.

Consider this the introduction to the next four posts which will be on doubting.

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3 Comments on “#14! doubting reveals certainty”

  1. estolte
    September 1, 2011 at 3:42 pm #

    Great thoughts, Michael. Look forward to hearing more, especially in light of the saying, “…the one who doubts is like a wave of the sea, blown and tossed by the wind.” — uncertain? Love the Rollin’s reference. Thanks!


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