#13 the evolution of individualism

I was driving with a friend and we were headed north. We started off talking about things and people. Then we talked about different events. Before long we were sharing ideas.

People -> Events -> Ideas … a good progression to follow.

To jump into this post I’m going to use one of her ideas as the diving board.

I try and remain open-minded because the world is so diverse and I don’t want to close my mind to so many other good things. I don’t feel anyone should align themselves to any one thing cause when they do they end up closing themselves off to so many other things.

A lot of what was around Jack Layton’s funeral followed this theme of combining different elements from different ways of living. This theme is common among us.

Some call it indecision, others call it individualism others call it open-mindedness.

I’m going to call it picking.

It’s the way most of us are living.

It’s a life without commitment; a life without choice. It’s not picking and choosing. It’s just picking.

It involves picking this aspect from one game and that aspect from another game.

It’s like taking the race car from Monopoly and using it to drive around the world in Risk.

It involves picking only those parts of the game that we like. It doesn’t involve choosing, it doesn’t involve choice.

Combining various elements of different games will begin with creativity, will then lead to confusion, but will ultimately lead us into crisis.

First – the creative experience.

We’ll begin by taking this from there and that from them. We’ll leave the whole and take only certain parts. Initially there won’t be any consequences. On the contrary, it’ll look beautiful. It’ll be like a mosaic. It’ll look like we’re doing something new. It’ll look like we’re reforming, evolving and being incredibly open minded.

Second – the confusion begins.

If there are no rules put in place at the birth of this creativity experience then it will ultimately lead to confusion. Reality will sink in and it will soon become clear that this new hybrid perspective does not have the necessary tools in order to navigate through life. Time tells all.

Third – enter into crisis-mode.

Initially it will be believed that this confusion can be overcome by combining even more elements from even more perspectives but that it’ll be like rubbing a dirty window with an even dirtier rag. That beautifully unique idea will be like a heavy weight, slowing pulling you deeper and deeper into the dark ocean. The only catch is that you’re holding the weight. You could let it go at any time and float to the top but you refuse to deny your faith.

And so







we’ll fall.

We assume that we have the ability to take conflicting perspectives and ideas and accommodate them under one roof. But do you have the ability to put a lion and a tiger into the same room without there being any consequences?

Choose carefully and choose one thing.

Choose something that has a committed and long-lasting following.

Remember, new things are never new – they’re simply old things that didn’t work then and won’t work now.

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One Comment on “#13 the evolution of individualism”

  1. estolte
    August 31, 2011 at 6:17 pm #

    Love the way you think and write, Michael. So, “If there are no rules put in place at the birth of this creativity experience then it will ultimately lead to confusion.” Can I pick and then put in rules in place?

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