#5 / falling 10 000 feet a second

You’re probably heading north on the 400 in a few minutes. Either that or you’re already There. “There” is a relative term and when I say There, I mean

That is There.

Have fun when you get There. It can sometimes take awhile. A bit of stop and go. But once you’re There it’s worth it.

Sunsets in the summer. One more time.


The only thing that can top a sunset in the summer is a sunrise in the summer! Beginnings are better than endings.

Most people don’t like getting up and getting themselves to the right spot by 6:15 AM. I’ll challenge you. If you live in Toronto or are ever visiting, go find Reconciliation rock. You’ll have to do some research. It won’t be easy to find. It’s simply a rock that say Reconciliation on it. But if you’ve got a girl and want to do something special, Reconciliation Rock. Be there just before the sunrises and look directly at the skyline.

You’ll thank me later.

Anyway, relax and enjoy yourself this weekend. You really do need it. I can tell. You’ve been stressed with things lately. Not just work related, other things as well. I can tell. I’ve been trying to listen to you more and I can hear a certain angst in your voice.

You just don’t seem like yourself.

Your head is all over the place.

You don’t seem very, how do you say it… grounded! That’s a good word.


It’s important to be grounded.

The more shit you go through the more important you’ll realize it is to be grounded. You need to ground yourself in something. If you don’t, then things which should really only be a 10 foot drop will feel like a 10 000 foot drop. Someone wise told me that.

You lost your job? Should just be a 10 foot drop, but you don’t have anything grounding you. There’s no support in your life. No perspective. It ends up feeling like a 10 000 foot drop!

You don’t know what to do with your life? You’re always changing decisions? Again, there’s no one in your life! There’s no thing in your life! You don’t have anything or anyone grounding you. It’s going to feel like a 10 000 foot drop.

Imagine never being grounded and constantly getting hit by bad news and hardship?

Relationship ends? Boom! 10 000 foot drop.

You injure yourself? Boom! 10 000 foot drop.

You’ll be dropping 10 000 feet a second.

Don’t set yourself up. You don’t need to fall from such great heights. Get something in your life. Get someone in your life. Make a choice and ground yourself in that one thing.

Can you think of someone? Can you think of something that can handle what you’ve been through, what you’re going through and what you foresee yourself going through?

Think hard!

It has to be some thing or something strong. Something secure. It can’t waiver because you waiver and if you both waiver you’ll be screwed.

What about your community? Your neighbourhood? That use to be the most important thing when you were a kid! You don’t care too much about your community anymore. You rarely even say Hi to your neighbours.

What about your family? Your family use to be your life! They use to be really important for helping you stay grounded! Now you only talk to 1 out of your 4 parents. Your brother, you can’t stand him. Your sister knows nothing about you.

Well at least your have your friends! Friends are the best. They listen to you and hang out with you and don’t judge you! There’s only one problem. Your friends are just like you! You’re all in the same boat and none of you have any sense of direction. Good luck getting through the Pacific.

They’re going through the exact same questions and while it’s comforting knowing you’re not alone and important to have them in your life, it isn’t very helpful.

Maybe this is a good weekend to make some decisions. Not some decision. ONE DECISION. One commitment. One choice.

Ground your self in some thing. One Thing. Some One. I can’t tell you what it is. You’ll have to figure it out for yourself. You’ll have to be honest with yourself, that’s for damn sure! You can’t be in denial and you can’t lie to yourself.

If it’s not working you need to let it go. But don’t be in such a rush, give it an honest chance and make sure you know for sure.

Don’t give up so easily.

But if it keeps failing you, time and time again, then you have to be honest.

You’ll have to go through some hard times to figure out whether it is Good or not. Is it Good? Truly Good? Can it take the heat? Can it handle the pressure? Can it handle you and all your imperfections? Only time will tell.

Enjoy the sunset. Enjoy the sunrise.  Have fun when you get There. It can sometimes take awhile. A bit of stop and go. But once you’re There it’s worth it.

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