death for my beautiful masquerade: the final blog post

After watching The Social Network I had to delete Facebook.  I always knew that Facebook was just an idealized version of who we think we are, but something in that Mark Zucker story made me uncomfortable. I realized just how unnecessary and how meaningless it is to tell people what I’m doing and how good I can look in the right light.

It is pure self-affirmation!

We all just seek to be self-affirmed and to realize that we are somehow important. A friend request, a poke, an inbox message, a status update… it’s all meaningless, trite, overdone and superficial.

(Don’t even get me started on Twitter – the less audacious/more apprehensive cousin of Facebook).

Don’t get me wrong, I realize that Facebook has a lot of benefits. As opposed to the “ever so difficult task” of walking down the street and printing the best pictures and mailing them to those who you actually want to see, you can post hundreds of pointless pictures for everyone to see! Same goes for staying in touch with those on foreign soil. I realize how hard it is to find a mailing address and to send a letter…

Don’t get me wrong, I’m realistic. I realize that social networking and the internet will probably never fade. It is all fueled off of human laziness and the ease and comfort that comes from the click of a mouse. That is something the Western World will have a hard time giving up.

But for now, if/when I see you we’ll talk about your passing grandfather and maybe we’ll even cry about it together.

If/when I see you I’ll be surprised when you tell me about your engagement and I’ll give you a hug that actually means something because it was the first time I heard about it.

People told me I would eventually get Facebook back but getting a glimpse of life without the internet has caused me to want to rid myself completely of the internet.

The internet has…

1. Made me lazier

2. Made me less interesting

3. Made me less creative

4. Made me more money

5. Made me more lonely

6. Made me more informed, yet made me more apathetic

7. Made me more foolish

8. Made me more bug-eyed

9. Made me less adventurous

10. Made me more opinionated

I miss Real Life.

Real conversations, real 8×11 photographs, real personalized letters in the mailbox, real knowledge, real discovery, real insights…

…I want more of it!

I’m still going to write but I’m not going to blog anymore. Maybe one day I’ll publish something and maybe you’ll hear about it through someone’s Facebook status update.

But for now, goodbye!

So long my faithful readers!

Go out and enjoy the simple things, and always remember that “that which you cannot speak of, you must pass over in silence.”

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