one single mantra

A break!?

Who needs a break? My posts were lacking in consistency the last few weeks and the first thing I would say to justify that would be, “I’ve been busy.” But it should only take me 20-25 minutes to write one of these things. That is to say it should only take 20-25 minutes if other things don’t occupy my mind.

Only the dizzy and confused mind needs a break…

Only the mind that starts to have more than one mantra needs a break.

It’s only the double-minded that needs a break.

The single mind could write, create, deconstruct and recreate all day long. For while the body gets tired and eventually needs to sleep, the spirit that has a single mantra and a single owner never needs a break. It never gets tired of that one thing for that one thing eventually becomes who that person is and if a person gets tired of who she is then she becomes depressed and finds herself in despair!

But isn’t that the scent of the city? A city full of busy people doing many things but not picking just one thing to be The Director. How can there be more than one director? After all, we all know that countries with two presidents run really well…

The mind that needs a break? Well, it’s the sort of mind that says one thing but actually believes another thing.

Now, it’s more than just the person that says one thing and does another thing… that’s all of us! We all say one thing and do another thing. We all wish we would do what we don’t do and wish that we wouldn’t do what we do. It’s much more than that though.

What I say rarely corresponds to what I believe. And so the person that constantly says the same thing sounds like she is settled and confident in what she believes, but will eventually find herself needing a break from what she talked about with such rigor and loudness.

What I do, however, almost always corresponds to what I believe. It is the person who makes the same choice day after day, year after year and decade after decade that really believes something/One Thing. It is the person that wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s the person that doesn’t see herself as making sacrifices to pursue this one thing. The person that feels she making sacrifices hasn’t truly made a choice.

So, there’s no point in saying, “I won’t take anymore breaks”. If I write day in and day out and don’t take any more breaks then you know that I’m not taking anymore breaks! For actions transcend words and I ought to therefore just leave the promises inside and never say them in public/out loud.

There’s no need for me to say it… how foolish am I!?


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