This is the story of how Sophie and Caleb moved from
the jungle, to the city, and onto the internet.

His name was Caleb. Her name was Sophie. They grew up in the same small tribe, far away from the modern world.

When Caleb was 23 and Sophie was 19 they fell in lust. He was strong and powerful and she was beautiful and wise. After some time together they fell in love and had to get married: for it was against the rules of the tribe to be in true love with someone without being married to them.

The elders of the tribe gave Sophie and Caleb their blessing after seeing that they were in true love. They had a ceremony in the middle of the village, which was located in the heart of The Jungle.

After the traditional week-long celebration, which consisted of dancing, eating, drinking and many blessings, Caleb and Sophie packed their things and left the tribe.

The rule was that after the week-long celebration the couple would leave the tribe for 365 days. The elders knew what was “out there” and believed that in those 365 days the couple would have their oneness tested and if they were to return to the tribe after seeing what was “out there”, then they truly would be One and they would each be given a ring which they would wear on their finger: the ring symbolized their union/their Oneness.

So they left the tribe in order to learn how to navigate, how to cultivate and how to cherish.

After 40 days of wandering and exploring they found themselves standing on a hill. In the distance they could see things which looked like trees, but which were much taller, shinier, and didn’t have branches. They began to make their way towards these “trees”. The closer they got, however, the harder the ground become. The soft surfaces of dirt and grass were replaced with concrete and asphalt.  The sounds of animals were replaced with people and machines and before long they were standing in the heart of The City: skyscrapers, fast walkers, and strange smells.

They never knew that such a place existed.

They still had a long time to spend together so they decided to explore the city. After a few days they decided to stay in the city. They found that it was easier to get meals, it was easier to travel and it was easier to be entertained in the city: why would anyone ever leave the city?

After 40 days of living in the city, Caleb and Sophie found something that changed their life (again).

They were walking down the street and looked into a giant fruit store and saw hundreds of people with their heads down playing with these shinny boards. They went inside hoping to find fruit, but they didn’t see any. Instead they found a couple of these shinny boards so they picked them up. They began playing with them and after a few hours they decided to buy them: one each.

They took them home and learned that they could basically do anything with them!

Within 40 days they were hardly speaking to one another. These electronic devices could order their food, make them money and entertain them. Though Sophie and Caleb lived in the same condo and sat on the same couch they rarely spoke with one another: their eyes were always down.

365 days went by.

730 days went by.

1460 days went by.

The elders of the tribe knew exactly what had happened and knew that Sophie and Caleb were not coming back. They knew about the city and they knew about the electronic devices. They knew how easy it was to be sucked into the city and to live off these electronic devices. The devices promote convenience, but convenience often promotes laziness and laziness demotes things like courage, struggle and passion.

Long ago each elder made a similar journey into the city but returned to the jungle for they valued the life which consisted of struggle, creation and hard-work. That was the choice they made, but they believed that everyone in their tribe needed to decide on their own…

So now, after 5 years, the choice of Sophie and Caleb had become evident.

The elders took the rings, which had been set aside for Sophie and Caleb, and placed them into the fire for they knew that the life Sophie and Caleb had chosen would never lead them to Oneness with themselves or with one another.

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