A Corridor of Choices

It was nearly 4am, but everyone was still drinking recklessly and dancing furiously.

He had just finished hooking up with the girl he met a few hours ago and decided to go downstairs for another drink. She said she would wait for him. He walked out of the room and the door closed behind him.  He tried opening it: it was locked.

He walked down to the main floor, squeezed himself through crowds of strangers and got another drink of Johnnie Walker. Standing alone by the bar he looked out onto the dance floor. Holding his drink in his left hand he closed his eyes and grazed them with his right hand. As he closed his eyes he took a big breath. He was feeling a bit nauseous so he decided to go to a quiet place before going back upstairs.

He turned a corner and saw a long descending staircase with a door at the very bottom. He took his drink and walked down the stairs.  The noise from the party faded with every step he took down the staircase

He turned the doorknob at the bottom of the stairs and looked in but it was completely dark.

He decided to walk through the doorway.

The minute he closed the door behind him the light came on in front of him.

In front of him was a long corridor which was lined with generic looking doors on both sides.

He tried opening the door behind him: it was locked. He pressed his ear to the door but he couldn’t hear a thing. He didn’t bother knocking for help. He knew that no one would be able to hear him. Besides, deep down he didn’t want to go back to where he just came from.

So it was up to him to find his way back.

But back wasn’t an option. The door back was locked because the door back is always locked.

Forward was the only option/Forward is the only option.

He walked towards the first one: it was unlocked. He looked inside but it was completely dark. He turned to the door behind him: it was unlocked. He looked inside but it too was completely dark. He put his hand on the wall and tried to find a light switch: nothing. He realized that the only way to see what was in the room was to walk in and close the door behind him. But if he closed the door behind him he knew, like the basement door, that it too would lock and that he would have to embrace the choice he made and move forward.

Because forward IS the only option.

Standing in the middle of the corridor he realized that he had to commit and simply pick one of the doors, walk through it and move forward from there. He walked down the corridor and picked the 3rd door on the left. He turned the doorknob: it was unlocked. He opened the door and stepped forward into the dark room. As he stepped through the doorway the door behind him locked and the room which he chose lit up!

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One Comment on “A Corridor of Choices”

  1. Ruthann
    February 23, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    Dear Michael,

    I greatly appreciate your revealing thoughts and expressions. I somehow stumbled upon this blog and have found it to be profoundly insightful into my present thoughts and life circumstances. I am very grateful that you have put these words down for others to chew and digest accordingly. I shall carry on faithfully reading and processing.

    As it turns out, you are not as much a stranger as I first thought. We have quite a few mutual connections. I grew up in Guelph and also went to the University of Guelph where I re-connected with your parents through Run and Read and Guelph Campus Ministries. Our fathers were friends during their pastoring years in Guelph. A small and beautiful world we live in.

    We press on,

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