My reader: You who are alive!

Their bodies are kept safe.

Safe and buried 6 feet under.

The dead know one thing very well: they know they will die.

They know without question that their bodies decay.

Every question is answered in death.

The soil is capable of absorbing the skin.

Death is cold.

There’s no compromise or deals to be made: reason is gone.

There’s no skin lotion: beauty is gone.

AND there is no internet in Mount Pleasant Cemetery…

…Facebook and WordPress… they’re gone also!

So the dead aren’t my readers.

I don’t write for people who can’t read.

I don’t write for people that can’t make choices.

I don’t write for people that can’t appreciate life.

I don’t write for people that have all the answers.

I don’t write for just anyone.

I write to you: You are my reader.

No one else except you!

You should know that when I write these I don’t write for large numbers of people.

I swear to God that I write for you and you only.

You, sitting at your computer, which is situated beside a window which looks out into the entire world! A world that has been given to you for exploration, creation and restoration!

You, the one that reads slowly.

You, the one that reads out loud.

You who won’t share these posts with your friends because it’s private and you understand that it’s not suitable for just anyone.

Only you, the solitary individual, are fit for reading these.

You who are trying to make some decisions, find some direction: it is you that I’m thinking about.

I don’t give a shit about anyone else but you.

You, who are constantly seeking/constantly finding.

You, who are constantly confused/constantly clear.

You, who are constantly beaten/constantly strengthened.


You’re alive and I’m on your side.


(A follow-up post will be posted for you before you go to bed.)

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