the little invisible girl

She was tall and pretty, polite and energetic.

After she had brought him his second (or was it third?) drink they began talking a little; it was busy in the lounge and “a little” was all they had.

He asked, “So do you work here full time?” She quickly objected, “No, no, no… I have my own company which puts on events for children suffering from depression. I’m also doing a second degree at the college to help with my business. I just work here so that I can network and help build my business.”

She left him to his pint and he thought about her for the next 12-14 minutes. He couldn’t stop thinking about those two words, “children” and “depression”.

To think that those two words could co-exist.

He was saddened and even with all the beautiful waitresses walking around, he still could not get his mind off of the children suffering from depression.

All he could see was a little girl sitting in the middle of a field without any friends, without any imagination.

When she came back to see if he wanted a third (or was it fifth?) drink they continued talking.

He asked her, “So why did you start your company?”

When she realized that he was interested/someone she could recruit for her cause she began talking a lot more!

She explained to him that it’s her passion and that she really wants it to become other peoples passion as well.

She told him all about how…

…it’s such a worth-while cause,

…such a very exciting idea,

…such an important issue,

…something worth being passionate about.

Far too many words.

He was trying desperately to concentrate on what she was saying, but really, he was only thinking about that little girl in the middle of the field, completely alone, completely morose.

She was using a lot of words that held a lot of meaning for her, but they were words that were not in his language-game.

Instead of ridding herself of her words, her language and even her beliefs, she tried to pull him into her “safe place” which consisted of a bunch of words and grammar that he didn’t understand: she should have gone to where he was.

He was trying to enter into her world but it was really tough since it was her world, her language, her passion… not his!

She talked more and more and tried to convince him even more about how great of a cause it was.

But soon, the only thing left in the room were her words and her beliefs.

She talked too much and she destroyed the very thing she was trying to rescue.

The pretty girl serving him drinks became more visible and that little morose girl sitting alone in the field slowly became invisible.

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One Comment on “the little invisible girl”

  1. Alex
    February 6, 2011 at 9:07 pm #

    Favourite post!

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