undivided attention/undivided trust

It’s the thing you see in Giants.

You can’t talk about how you have it/You either have it or you don’t.
If you have it, we will see it/If you say you have it, you just lost it.

If you seek after it, you’ll never find it/Seeking it is finding it.
Through repetition you’ll find it/Through commitment you’ll find it.
It means choosing one thing/It means giving up many things.
Repetition is its ally/Interesting things are its enemy.

It doesn’t get tired/It can’t hear criticism.
It exists in a vacuum of single-mindedness/It is fueled by itself.

It’s a pregnant silence/It’s a barbaric way.
It’s not instinctual/It’s not pleasurable.
It doesn’t deviate/It doesn’t negotiate.
It can’t be bribed/It can’t be bought.
It’s easily sold for the price of unwillingness/You can only buy it by willing one thing.

It’s singular.

Seek for fulfillment and you’ll find it/Seek for happiness and you’ll lose it.
It vanishes with indecision/It considers hesitancy cowardly.

It considers the attractive repulsive.
It knows that the Entertaining, the Interesting, and the Attractive all inevitably lead to misery/It wants nothing to do with any of those 3.

It requires you to relinquish interesting things and to pick just One Thing.

Entertaining/Interesting/Attractive things can still have their place/But only One thing can be your liege.

If you want it, then you must choose one thing/You must honestly choose one thing.
You must give it your undivided attention/undivided trust.

And in that solitary place of single-mindedness you will find it.

Through that one choice/Through repetition/In that solitary place/Through that single will…

…you will find Passion.

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One Comment on “undivided attention/undivided trust”

  1. Nikos
    February 3, 2011 at 2:28 pm #

    Only one word…beautiful. Made my soul smile. Artwork is 😉

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