sickness onto death

Every morning after having toast and tea, I would go for my 10-15 mile run. I would run down the glen, along a large field of cows and then head towards the river. This particular morning, as I passed the field, I looked over the dry stone wall and noticed that not all the cows were grazing.

All the cows were in one of two places. EITHER they were grazing in the middle of the field, OR they were drinking out of the creek, which was at the bottom of the field.

If it wasn’t obvious, I wouldn’t have noticed.

But it was obvious and even though I was running, I still noticed. I’ve never seen an instinctual animal be so indecisive.

This one cow was stuck between two desires.

It clearly couldn’t tell whether it wanted to eat or drink. It would look to the right, see its friends eating and think to itself “That looks interesting…” Then it would look to the left and think, “But that also looks interesting…”

I didn’t have time to see what the outcome was so I continued on with my run.

But then next day I came back and it was the exact same thing. A different group was drinking, a different group was eating and the same cow was unable to make a choice.

This went on for a few days until the inevitable happened.

I was out for a second run one evening and saw three men gathered around. I took a closer look and noticed that there was what appeared to be the farmer and his son and also a veterinarian. They were gathered around the cow-that-couldn’t-make-a-choice.

Its indecision had led to its sickness.

The son had gone off to fetch two buckets: one had water and the other had food.

The animal was too large for the three of them to move indoors so they left it overnight. They left the two buckets beside the cow. They left the animal alone with the buckets and went in for the night. But when they went back in the morning to check on the cow they found that the cow had died from its sickness. And both buckets, which were literally right beside the cow, were still completely full.

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