I lit the fuse. BOOM!

Before I was fully awake, Will came into my room, “Did you see the snow!?”

This is the coldest November the UK has had in a very long time (-2 to 2 degrees): I’m finding it much more pleasant than the rain.

Yesterday was my first free Saturday in awhile so I decided to go on a little adventure. After watching Dark Side Of The Lens I had to visit the cold sea.

Relentless: Short Stories: Mickey Smith “Dark Side of the Lens”

I have a slight obsession with the sea: Caribbean, Adriatic, Ionian, North, Irish…

before I die I will spend a prolonged period of my life waking-up to the sound of the Sea.

I decided on Scarborough. I didn’t bring my camera so you’re going to have to deal with these low-res camera shots.

Those black figures walking in the water are surfers! Despite the -5 degree weather and bitter wind, the dozen walking seals found their way out of their homes and into the icy cold water: possibly more obsessive compulsive than running folk.

After walking on the beach for awhile I made my way up the stairs and headed towards the castle…

Unfortunately, due to the weather, the gate was shut and the castle was closed.

But my plan was not foiled. I walked the outside of the wall, looking frantically for a weakness in its foundation. Unfortunately, it’s character was strong. After hours of searching I found a structural flaw. I took the jar that the White Wizard had given me, placed the contents in the small whole within the wall and lit the fuse. BOOM! I stormed the castle, found the princess in the upper tower, hijacked the enemies ship and made my way to the mainland.

Actually, when I saw that the castle was closed I went back to the town centre, stopped at the grave of Anne Brontë, found a quiet cafe, exchanged the change in my pockets for some sandwiches and tea, talked to some of the townies, got on the train and made my way back to Saltaire.

Either way…

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