you can’t let the fear of hiccups keep you from laughing!

After they finished their workout, we went down the road for some warm meat and cold beer: a pleasant flashback of my 3-4 visits (per week) to the W Burger Bar at Yonge and College! Last night, however, I was cold. Very cold. Drinking cold beer when you can’t feel your hands has never made much sense to me, but when in Yorkshire…

After the little debacle on Sunday I quickly got back into my shoes and onto the trails:

you can’t let the fear of hiccups keep you from laughing!

I decided to take a break from my normal routes and get over to the golf course, which is open for running and the general public! It’s a perfectly hilly run. To get there, I had to cross Baildon Moor. As I was crossing the moor I decided to teach a dog owner a little lesson. Owners are suppose to walk their dogs, not the other way around. Now, if you can’t control your dog, then you probably shouldn’t let it be off the leash…

So, I was running across the top of the moor and the dog wanted to play. The general custom is to stop, allow the owner time to call his/her dog back and once the owner has the dog on the leash, you carry on running. So, I stopped, the owner called, the dog ran back and I carried on.

The owner, however, had a bit too much faith in his dog and didn’t leash it.

I got a few hundred metres further and looked back and saw this dog chasing me. I stopped again and the owner, with a slight degree of panic in his voice, called the dog and the dog ran back: I carried on.

I got another couple hundred metres down the trail looked back and with no surprise, the dog came charging after me… again.

Sorry Owner: you should’ve learned your lesson the first two times! This time, I didn’t stop.

I ran with this dog to the bottom of the moor (just under a kilometre). I got to the golf course and finally the dog stopped following.  I’m not sure how the story ends. I assume the dog found its owner…

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3 Comments on “you can’t let the fear of hiccups keep you from laughing!”

  1. Luch
    November 25, 2010 at 12:03 pm #

    We have same issue in Guelph in ‘dog land’ where runners once ruled. Now ‘dogs’ rule, and if you dare say anything to a ‘dog owner’ they get all cranky and mean, and say “dogs are allowed to run unleashed’. Welcome to the world of ‘dogs’!!

    Don’t trust a dog. They can turn…it’s happened to me.

  2. Faysal Hanif
    November 25, 2010 at 3:58 pm #

    loving the posts, could i maybe pinch a few and pass them off as my own (just kidding).

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