the sun wasn’t out, but the guns came out

It began as a relaxed day up on Prod Lane.

After some eggs, toast and tea I spent the early morning reading some of Nietzsche’s later works. The more I read him, the more I know that he would be disappointed with the lack honesty and reflectiveness of atheists like Dawkin’s, Hitchen’s, Harris and others. As someone who has very different metaphysical and religious beliefs, I completely respect and find myself intrigued with Nietzsche. I admire his ability to observe his culture and the courage he showed by expressing exactly what he saw.

After my little study time I did some work and tried to keep my mind occupied: at 2pm, I headed over to Leeds Met for my 3rd session with coach Scobie.

Brian had been happy about my little tempo the week before and mentioned that we were going to continue to increase the volume. He told me the night before that he had a young lad that was going to help me out during the session.

I took the train from Saltaire to Leeds, waited 30 minutes and got on my train from Leeds to Headingly. I ran up to the track from Headingly station and did a few extra miles until Brian got there. It’s about 85 minutes door-to-track.

Brian said, “O.K. We’re going a bit further today. 4,5,6,5,4,5,6,5,4,5,6,5,4. 100 meter jog in 60 seconds between. Same pace as last week.”

“Is this young lad going to be stopping by?” I asked.

“Doesn’t look like it, does it?”

“K. Just let me do a couple striders.”

I looked around with hope: I really thought this kid was going to show up and keep me company. Nothing. It was going to be another solo effort.

I got started and as I expected the first couple were rough. Mileage has been fairly high. After the 22 miler on Sunday I had a solid threshold session on Wednesday. The aching increases with the mileage.

After a few intervals the blood got flowing, my muscles loosened up and I settled in comfortably. I started feeling like I needed a bit of a boost by the time I got to the last 600. It was about 16 degrees (and no rain!), the sun was hiding far behind the cumulus, stratocumulus, stratus, altocumulus and all the others.

Even though the sun wasn’t out, I decided to take the guns out.

I tossed the shirt for the last 3 intervals. I don’t think taking ones shirt off while running is entirely kosher in England, but it had to be done.

I pushed through the last 400, crossed the line, walked 100 hundred meters with Brian, put my clothes back on, did my cool down and ran back to the train station. I got home at 7pm. Another 5 hour journey (round trip) in order to run in circles on some rubber surface…on a Friday evening.

I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Since it was Friday night, I ordered a currie, went out for a pint and did some more reading.

It finished as a relaxed day up on Prod Lane.

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