titus salt and the sabbath

Sorry for the long delay. I was trying to get a video up for you this weekend but it doesn’t look like that is coming to fruition.

You may not know but I write the music to the videos I make (that’s not the case with “fragments”) and I didn’t have time to finish the song that would go along with this video.

If I’m struck with a wave of inspiration then it’ll be up later tonight, but don’t hold your breath…

It’s nice that my schedule is slowly falling into place and these last few days have allowed me to get into that thing we in the west call “routine”.

Some days I train for a few hours, work for a few hours, recruit for a few hours, read and write for a few hours and coach for a few hours: leaving me with only a few hours to sleep.

I learned many years ago (in grade 12 when I was Student Council President) that if I try and string a dozen of those days together I end up becoming something I don’t want to become: a machine.

Since my last year of high school I’ve tried to do all my work in 6 days so that I can rest for 1 day.

Today for instance, was my sabbath.

I slept in till 8 am and went downstairs to make some breakfast. Today also happened to be a day off from running which is a rare exception: NO WORK AT ALL.

I walked down the glen to the small town of Saltaire.

Saltaire is named after the founded: Titus Salt, a 19th century philanthropist.

In 1850 Salt decided to create an idealized city where he set about building the houses, bathhouses, school, hospital, almshouses and churches that make up Saltaire. Every person in the city worked in the mill (which was soon expanded) and made use of the resources provided by Salt.

As I walked through the recently renovated park (which cost 2.5 million pounds) I found a cafe, got a coffee, went to a park bench and sat down.

Sometimes you have to make sure you have nothing in your head that can distract you from doing nothing.

I read some of the psalms, basked in the sun and just enjoyed what Salt had done with the land he was given and how he made the most of it.

I slowly walked home, read some Kierkegaard and played a little “football” with Will.

I just got back from a lovely dinner with the Notidges’ grandmother, who lives just up the road. I’ll admit that I’m enjoying these British meals much more than I thought, but it is still no Italian cuisine.

All in all, it was a very restful day and I’m ready to retire.

Tomorrow begins the last week of my “build-up” training; for the last 4 weeks I’ve been running 100 Kilometers a week, preparing my body for the real training that’s about to happen.

I’ll give you a running update tomorrow.

In recognition of the silence… I give you…

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One Comment on “titus salt and the sabbath”

  1. Rose
    September 13, 2010 at 12:30 am #

    Really nice to hear about your day Michael. It sounded almost “perfect.” Thanks for writing about it and for encouraging us all to periodically retreat and enjoy life.

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