we’ve got guns, we’ve got opinions

I’ve been spending my time on the west coast of our beautiful country. I’ve been running in races, riding on ferries, looking at killer whales, eating out twice a day, drinking lattes, and hanging out with rabbits.

To say that I have a lot to say on the subject of violence would be rather trite.

There are homeless people on my street corner that are constantly abused, rioters breaking windows in my neighborhood and selected police officers abusing their power.

The fact, however, is that my experience with violence, like my experience with sports, girls, God, family and friends, is completely subjective and I can only begin to make careful and specific observations. I can say nothing, nor make any “thoughtful generalizations” about the war in _____ and the evil hypocrisy that takes place within the Roman ______.

Frankly, I’d be rather embarrassed if I started talking about war and the violence that occurs on foreign land and in places I’ve never even visited. It would be as embarrassing as the non-religious person that has opinions on religions topics; topics which are objective to them, but which they do not intimately know.

Can you write a book review for a book you have not read?

How can you doubt or question a topic which you are not a subject of?

You cannot doubt unless you have grounds to stand on.

If you try, then you are like the monkey that was given a saw and ended up sawing off the very branch she was sitting on.

With that said, there is NOTHING more important or more real than your own careful, experienced observations. If you make a careful observation which is the result of some subjective experience, then it must be listened to and taken seriously.

This, however, is the violence I want to focus on. The violent act of making generalizations and dogmatic statements.

We’ve got guns, but we’ve got more opinions.

And where I live, it is the over-general, dogmatic, non-experienced opinions which cripple the reputation and status of many specific individuals and institutions of our culture, leaving this civilization with a fragmented and dismantled culture.

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2 Comments on “we’ve got guns, we’ve got opinions”

  1. S
    July 14, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    Poignant, thank you.

  2. Fouad
    August 11, 2010 at 1:05 am #

    That was really good man , keep it up.

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