I haven’t posted for a few days because I was up in the Northern part of Ontario, where the water is white, the mosquitos are poised and the internet is absent.

But, I’m back. (Below you can see a video I put together of the trip.)

On Saturday night, while I was licking my wounds, a girl came up to me and started talking to me. Early into our conversation, she asked me, “Tell me something that will blow my mind!” I assumed she wanted me to tell her about language theory or something she would hear on TED.COM. For a second, but only a second, I was tempted to take that route. But I didn’t.

“Well, let’s talk about life. What makes you fulfilled?”
“Well I love to be in the moment! No matter where I am or what is going on around me.”
“Well, this may not blow your mind, but have you ever thought about Repetition.”
“Repetition. Like picking something that doesn’t change from day-to-day.”
“There are lots of options in this world. You have the option to read Elle or Glamour or Allure or Flare. You have the option to live in Toronto, Guelph, New York or Paris. There are a million options and our culture believes that meaning and the whole point of living is found within these options. But, in the midst of these options, we never actually make a choice. We never commit. There is no repetition. And without commitment, without repetition, we never struggle, we never despair, we never persevere and we never find hope.”
“So repetition…”
“Repetition is commitment. It is a choice to live beyond those things that are finite, those things that change from month-to-month. The person that lives a life of repetition is not affected by the release of the iPhone 4 or something like that. The person living a life of repetition finds him/herself content when things change, because he/she isn’t consumed by change.”
“So what am I suppose to repeat? What am I suppose to choose?”

(The conclusion of this conversation will come in August.)

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