Some people are constantly criticizing!
Some people are constantly criticized!

I have been on both ends of the stick. I get it, I have held the latter tightly and it is hard to let go. It is easier to just throw the stone, or watch the Other get hit by it…

But what allows you to criticize someone else?

Freedom to speak?

You should know, “Freedom is not having everything you crave, it’s being able to go without the things you crave and being OK with it.”

So, do you have to speak, simply because you can speak?

Besides, what freedom is there in the person that feels the need to criticize someone else?

Because you know the Other is wrong? Why does that bother who you are?

Besides, is the Other wrong, or simply different?

What gives you grounds to criticize them? Have you stood on the ground that you are criticizing from?

Besides, the Other will not change through criticism.
Have many people ever actually changed through criticism?

Criticism assumes objectivity and change assumes subjectivity.

People change when they are convicted and conviction is revealed through action, through repetition, at a subjective level.

And besides all of this, those individuals that have been the most criticized and most judged are often the most confident and most quiet: they say little and do much. They are subjectively certain in their ways because their repetition has brought to them to their conviction.

But alas, repetition and conviction are foreigners to this culture…

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