let’s get naked

I was standing in line, waiting to buy a 30-pack of Aerius, which usually helps combat my seasonal allergies. As I was standing there I started looking at the people in front of me. I looked at the cashier, I looked at the security guard and I looked at the couple behind me; I looked all around the store.

And then, it happened, almost in an instant! It was almost as if my culture had trained me to think this way. The second I looked at them, I had some sort of opinion about them. Their clothes, their phones, their high-heels, their sunglasses, the shopping bags in their hands, the books that some of them were carrying; everything about them. Based on their job, what they were buying, what they were wearing, the words they were using, I formed conclusions about each and everyone of them. All this happened in a matter of seconds… maybe even faster.

But then I realized that ALL I was seeing was what was on the surface. I couldn’t actually see them. Like an overdone Christmas tree, I had no idea what was underneath all the decorations. The visibility of their external appearance actually made the greater part of them invisible.

Then, all of a sudden, I turned and saw my reflection in a mirror. My Ray Bands were in my hair, my iPhone was in my hand, my Nike Free’s were untied, my v-neck was exceptionally low and I asked myself, “Is THIS who you are?”

Is my identity determined by a bunch of externals? Will I have a better future with the 3Gs? Is my position in society predetermined by where I am born? Is my human-value increased because I can afford a name brand allergenic medication? Or is my human-value decreased because I need an allergenic medication!?

Over the next several weeks, I’ll be asking you not to hide underneath your externals and don’t hide behind the other people in line. As you read these posts, try and read them without looking at the other people in line. Turn to the mirror and look at yourself. Look at your daily thoughts. What goes through your head on a daily basis?

Look at 1) who you have become and 2) who you are becoming.

The reason I have decided to write reflections on all of this is because not long ago I was convicted to ask those two questions about myself. I am going to do my best not to be dogmatic or objective. These are merely thoughts and reflections on the very honest questions that I have rarely asked of myself.

So, here’ to getting naked.

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