I love life.

I wake-up each weekday morning and my lifestyle is fairly predictable. As my feet hit the ground I say a short prayer and ask God to keep my body strong, my mind focused, and my heart soft. I move towards the kitchen and I boil a cup and a half of water and later put in a cup of oats. While the water is boiling I cut up a grapefruit and some fresh strawberries. I pour a glass of chocolate milk, maybe boil a couple eggs and then eat it all very quietly, very contently.

I check my email, brush my teeth, get changed and begin a 16 minute walk from Yonge/College to the Athletic Centre. No matter what the weather is I take it in with great thanks. I have always been amazed that a burning ball of gas, almost 100 million miles away, can cause a pleasant, warm sensation on my skin. What a great “seat in the house” we’ve got!

Some mornings, as I walk, I listen to some music. It’ll be something by Jonsi or The Album Leaf. Whether I’m listening to music or not, I always pause in my head as I pass Queens Park and pray that the leaders of our province and our country will make decisions in the interest of the people.

I walk through a beautiful, historic campus and make my way to my locker at the AC. 1741. I get changed and start on the first workout of the day. Some mornings I go for a pool run and lift some weights. Other mornings I go for a run and throw a medicine ball around for awhile. The whole morning routine takes anywhere between 60-120 minutes. I shower and make the 16 minute walk home.

I turn on the stove, begin boiling some water and start chopping up some vegetables. I make a big dish of pasta and eat it while watching about 30 minutes of any-given-movie. I clean up and go have a nap.

I wake-up, read for awhile and take some notes. When I read, I read carefully. I try to listen more and think less. I try and hear the thoughts of the author and the gaps in their writing. After a few hours, I head over to either Starbucks or Second Cup and grab a tall, mild, coffee and head to the second, longer/harder workout of the day. (I’ll skip those details.) I get home and usually head out for dinner with some friends or eat leftovers from lunch. Some nights we’ll go out for some drinks (I drink more than your average runner), but when I see that it’s 10 pm, I drop what I’m doing and make my way home and prepare for bed. I check my email and facebook and prepare for my Examen; a practice created by St. Ignatius where the individual goes through his/her day and examines his/her thoughts and actions and seeks help for the next day.

While it may seem mundane, I find so much joy and fulfillment in what I do. Not every day follows this pattern, but this is my standard “work-day”; this is me working in the fields, sowing seeds, working on producing a harvest…

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3 Comments on “I love life.”

  1. peter
    April 29, 2010 at 3:35 am #


    if you really do all the things you say then you are really an inspiration for how to live a fulfilling life. I find it interesting that although you live in a busy metropolis yet the principles by which you live your life seem very grounded, connected with the land, and unaffected by modern culture of maximize everything and instant gratification. You reap what you sow and clearly you are putting in consistent hardwork day after day and paying attention to the details. That’s where drastic improvement comes from, keep up the hard work Mike!

    good luck too.

  2. Alex
    May 18, 2010 at 4:36 am #

    I love your blog! You’re awesome.


  3. Joe
    May 18, 2010 at 4:37 am #

    Mikey – this is quite the inspirational blog. keep up the good work buddy!

    Joe C.

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