sunshine and atomic bombs

I stepped outside at 6:30 am and it was snowing. It was February 10th, I was in Canada and I honestly couldn’t remember the last time it snowed! I figure it was a good omen so I continued to make my way to the car. I buckled up and drove with my parents to the airport where we would eventually find ourselves, 4 hours later, in The Sunshine State.

The last 5 weeks (52 weeks?) I’ve been busy traveling, racing and writing. I’m not a fan of the winter. I don’t mind its personality, but I detest its longevity.I knew in the fall that I was I going to need a bit of a break around this time so my parents and I decided to come down to my grandparents condo in Venice, Florida. That’s where I am right now.

Since I’m in the middle of my last semester of my Master’s I can’t really afford to take the week off. I’ve got 45 pages left to write. I’ll defend at the end of March and then I’m off somewhere to train for a month. (Possible locations: Venice, LA, San Diego, or Hamilton)

Anyway, I thought I would give a little summary of what I’m writing about. I expect many people won’t be interested but I’ve had a number of people ask me what I’m writing about so I figure this is as good a time as any. I’ll start by providing some context and in the next few weeks I’ll give a little abstract. Again, nothing I’m about to say is actually in my thesis; these are merely the mountains that I’ve used to inspire my painting.

The paper is written as a reaction to some of the events that took place in the 100 years, which caused the shift between the modern and the post-modern era. It was thought that science, technology, politics, and economics were going to lead us out of the dark ages and into a better place (see examples like the REFORMation and enLIGHTenment ). Science was making discoveries that were going to lead us into a greater time. Then, we saw the most violent century in human history. The Chinese revolted; the Mona Lisa was stolen; the “unsinkable” Titanic hit an iceberg; the Great War began; the Armenian Genocide commenced; poison gas was used by by Germans; the Spanish flu took out millions and the Bubonic Plague swept across India; the Spanish civil war began; the Hindenberg crashed; Japan invaded China; World War II began; Japan attacked Pearl Harbor; the Holocaust killed 6 million Jews and some 5-11 million others; the United States dropped one atomic bomb on Hiroshima and, three days later, another one on Nagasaki; Gandhi was assassinated; the Soviet Union developed an atomic bomb; the Korean War began; the US began constructing the hydrogen bomb; etc; etc…

Simply put, the modern project failed.

Some believe that the 20th century was merely a lapse and that we will recover our objective worldview, continue up over the hill and make our way to the utopia that is waiting to be discovered (unless there is someone living there, in which case we’ll probably have to bomb them first).

Other individuals view the 20th century (or perhaps one specific event within the century) as the irrefutable call to abandon our modern mindset. And while post-modernists may be unsure as to where they are going; they know it’s not back there

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One Comment on “sunshine and atomic bombs”

  1. David Kimbell
    February 19, 2010 at 10:50 pm #

    Looking forward to hearing more about your paper. Sounds like great ammo for a few good arguments . . . .

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