leave Haiti alone

Coldplay is doing an acoustic set. Simon Cowell is making a special CD. Banks are partnering with Red Cross. Presidents are sending money. Google is changing its homepage. Rogers is sending “donation” texts. Everyone has decided to do something for the situation in Haiti. Individuals, organizations, families and communities are all thinking of ways to help.

The people in Haiti need a hand, that is certain. But what is even more certain is that they needed help before this event, and they will need help in 20 years. But when the cameras leave their country, who will remain to help?

If you have been watching the news you’ll have noticed that the attention is not on them, it is about how they are being helped… by us.  Our obsession with attention has turned their story, into our story?  (As if we didn’t think about ourselves enough.)  We need to be giving generously, but why do we need to let other people know what we are doing? Why do we have a cheque book in one hand and a trumpet in the other?

We need to lend a hand, but first, we need to find a mask.

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One Comment on “leave Haiti alone”

  1. January 31, 2010 at 10:11 pm #

    What worries me also is story and donor fatigue. The media will eventually take their eyes off this story, and people will tire of giving without seeing quick-fix results. Haiti will, as you say, need ongoing help for the foreseeable future.

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