a promise in pencil

We all thought it would be a good idea to get some breakfast. We were moving slowly this morning but only because we were moving quickly last night. In light of what I did last night, Club Italia has officially announced that their dance floor will be named in my honour.

I know I made the right decision to leave training camp and be with my family. It was a night to remember.

Anyway, we were sitting around a table reminiscing on what had happened just a few hours earlier. As we were sipping our coffee and eating our eggs, side conversations began to develop. “I can’t believe it’s 2010!” “I thought there would be flying cars by now?” “2010 Michael is so different than 2009 Michael.” Etc…

The start of a new year always causes reflection on the year past and the year to come.

Every year, since I was about 10, my parents had this tradition where me and my brothers would get out pieces of paper and pen some words and propositions. We would make goals that would help develop our mind, body and soul. In a sense, we would make promises of who we would try and become…

This ritual started by providing me with hope, hope that I could change. I would throw myself into a promise. I would strive to change those areas of my life that left me unsatisfied. I would seek wisdom from those sages that held the key to my freedom. I would point myself in the right direction, but at the end of so many years I would find myself unable to keep those promises and what started with hope, ended in despair.

One of my favourite poets says:

so slowly i’m losing
who i’ve sworn to be.
a promise in pencil
that years have made so hard to read.

This year you may decide its time to change something in your life. Maybe you want to change the way you treat your self; maybe the way you treat your neighbour. If you do find yourself in your room, making a promise in pencil, remember that your promise is not broken or fulfilled at the end of the year; years will make it so hard to read!

Your promise will be broken and/or fulfilled with your every thought and your every action. Every situation you face has a choice and that choice has an outcome which will either be in favour of your promise or against it.

It is only through constant repetition (and often, repentance) that your promise will be fulfilled.

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