my home is where the heart of my family is

Two days ago, 45 minutes down the road, the grass was green and the roads were clear. I’m now sitting at gate 16, looking outside at a blank piece of paper. Everything is white. Planes are delayed, people are trying to find places to stay and I’m trying to get myself to Florida.

Shortly after Christmas, for the last four years at least, I make my way down to Florida for 9-10 days with some coaches and athletes from the University of Toronto. It’s always a great time. The weather is consistent and the lazy river is warm. I go down to relax and train. Lots of people don’t know what I mean when I say “train” so in the next couple days I’ll provide a definition through a sample day.

In the past I have had to leave the day after Christmas, which means little time with the family. This year I was fortunate enough to be able to spend an extra two days with them. As a child I remember spending a few extra days in the Falls and this year was reminiscent of those days.

Our Christmas tradition is fairly busy.

We’re with my Dad’s relatives Christmas Eve (Toronto), we have our own Christmas on Christmas morning (Guelph), and then we leave to visit my mom’s relatives Christmas afternoon and we stay there for a few days (Niagara Falls). 

My home is in Guelph, but really, my home is where the heart of my family is. If the heart of my family is in Toronto, then home is in Toronto. Some people only feel “at home” when they are in the physical presence of their bedroom, family room and so on…  

I’ve done a good amount of traveling this year:
Orlando, Florida – early January
Seattle, Washington – late January
San Antonio, Texas – late March
L.A, California – mid April
Various places in Europe – July
Venice, Florida – late August
Orlando, Florida – late December   

Not one of those trips was done with my family (San Antonio was with my brother and Venice was with my cousin and her husband). I’ve travelled all over. I’ve had a number of experiences.

But I’ve realized: happiness is meant to be shared…

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One Comment on “my home is where the heart of my family is”

  1. December 29, 2009 at 5:04 pm #

    I love this blog. Home is where your heart.

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