The night is darkest before dawn

Well, last night did not go exactly according to plan. I felt o.k during the day. Since mid-May I have been struggling with a hamstring injury. I’ve been able to manage it well, while training and racing around it. It has been a bit sore the last few days but I figured it would go away with a good warm-up. 

Geoff and I started our warm-up and it was fairly nice out. Then, all of a sudden, a huge storm came in. It blew out the electricity and they postponed the meet 30 minutes until the storm passed over. We ended up taking a seat and waiting for the storm to pass. Because of the cooler weather I was really considering not racing and saving it for Brasschaat (which is tomorrow night, where I’m one of the last guys to make it into the B-section) but I felt bad because the meet organizers gave us the Royal Treatment. I ended up toeing the line. The rabbit was suppose to go out in 52.5 but was out in 54. I came through in 55-low and knew that the fast time wasn’t happening. I didn’t want to force it and do anything crazy. I ended up getting 4th in 1.51.60. Geoff ended up winning in 1.50.5 (earning the prestigious award of pepperoni, chocolate and beer). 

After the race we were all treated to a huge BBQ with lots of meat, pasta, pies and beer! Then, at about 11pm, when we finally got back to our house, Tim Konoval and I headed over to this ice cold river. It was pouring rain out but we sucked it up and sat in the near freezing water for 8 minutes. I feel much better today. I’m going to treat this leg today and then gear up for my last effort of the season. I believe that the night is darkest before the dawn and last night was pretty dark. I know a sub 1:49 is in me. Tomorrow is the race to do it in. I’ve learned, while being here, that you can only control what you can control. If the pacer is on and the weather is good I’ll be there… 

On another note, I’ve decided to visit the motherland. I’ll be back in Turnhout Sunday night. I’ll head to Brussels Tuesday morning for a day trip and get on a plane and head to Milan Tuesday night. I’ll stay there for 2 nights and then I’m taking the train to Bern to stay with my cousins fiance, Justin. I’ll then take the train from Bern to Frankfurt Sunday morning and be back in Toronto next Sunday night. 

On one LAST NOTE… if you believe in praying, please pray for my grandfather. He is the true Italian Stallion. Relentless. Fearless. Young at heart. Dying. My family would appreciate the support.

Till next time.    

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2 Comments on “The night is darkest before dawn”

  1. July 25, 2009 at 12:22 pm #

    what a great experience you are having over there Michael. i’m glad you went.

  2. Emma
    July 28, 2009 at 11:42 am #

    I’ve seen you at the meeting in gent and brasschaat and I think in heusden-zolder but i’m not sure.
    I hope you liked it in Belgium!!
    I wanted to say something in brasschaat, but I was a little bit affraid:). now I can say it because I probably never see you again, you have very beautifull eyes :)!!
    The thing that sucked is that I never have seen you running your contest:(.
    I hope you had a great time in Belgium and when you would ever come back to Belgium, I hope I would see you!! 🙂
    Now have a good time in Europe and keep running well 🙂
    And I’m sorry but my englisch isn’t good, so I hope you understand everything 🙂

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