Bruno & Belgium

When we heard that the much anticipated Bruno was opening early in Belgium we knew what we were going to do last night. It is one of the rudest and crudest movies I’ve ever seen but I have to admit… it was very funny. He certainly crossed the line many times but the character was just so captivating. I don’t expect that they’ll play the same movie in North America… but if they do, there will be a lot of offended people walking out! Go with caution!!!

Anyway, I didn’t come to Europe to write movie reviews…

So far this trip has been a good learning experience.  I’ve never flown this far for running and I’m learning quite a few things about recovery and what to do and not to do next time. Here are 7 simple things:

1. Do NOT fly through the night. While it seemed like a good idea at the time (in order to get onto their time schedule) it is not a great idea for a runner to get 2-3 crappy hours of sleep in a semi-prone/seated position.
2. Do NOT stop drinking water.
3. If you do STEP 2 successfully make sure you get an aisle seat so you’re not bugging your neighbours to go to the bathroom.
4. Do not be shy to ask foreign people for help. Sign language is more useful than you think!
5. Wednesday is Belgium’s Sunday (no…wait…everything in Ontario is open on Sundays….) so don’t arrive with an empty stomach on Tuesday, thinking you’ll get everything tomorrow…
6. Compressions socks are good… but if you’ve got a bad hamstring, compression tights are better!
7. When you’re deciding between the 12 pack and 24 pack of Powerbars…go with the 28.

Today we went to the track (a runner’s sanctuary (I’ll get some pics later on)) for a little workout. I was hoping I was going to feel better than I did but it has been a tough week adjusting to everything. My first race is a 1500 in two days in Kortrijk. I haven’t done many 15’s this year so it should be interesting.

Alright time to get some sleep…

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One Comment on “Bruno & Belgium”

  1. Luch
    July 9, 2009 at 11:46 pm #

    hey mikey

    thanks for the very realistic report.
    We’ll be cheering for you from across the ocean. Hope you can hear us.


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